Jens Bunge has released eight albums under his own name:

Harmonicology (1991)

It’s A Beautiful World (1994)

With All My Heart (1996)

Meet You In Chicago (2001)

Auf Eigenen Füßen (2001)

Ergo Bibamus (2003)

Pas De Deux (2004)

Shanghai Blue (2009)

Guest appearances on albums and EPs of the following artists:

Jürgen Renfordt: Wer hat Johnny Marks gesehen (1993)

Ralf Gauck: Take A Look Behind (1995)

Mara Kayser: Träume aus Samt und Seide (1996) „Unter fremden Sternen

Jens Bogner: Unter fremden Sternen (1996)

Bettina Stein: Alles, was ich will (1998)

Peter Lehel: Ballads (2000) “Elegie” – “Heavy Rotation

Michael Suljic: Meine Welt im Gleichgewicht (2002)

Chantal: Beatles Strictly Instrumental (2002), Live At The Cavern (2003), At Abbey Road (2005), Chantal Plays Beatles No 1’s (2006), DVD – Chantal Meets Tony Sheridan (2007) “Fever

Herman’s Hermits: Live in Germany (2007)

Ruth Ling: Simple Love Song (2008) “角度

Rick Smith: The Liminal Man (2009)

Peter Seiler: Grand Cru No. 5 (2012)

Celestial: Return To The Dubstation (2013) “Empty Chair Dub

Kai Tse: Slowness (2009) “衣帽間

Henrik Geidt: Ein neuer Tag, ein neues Glück (2009), Tarnen, Tricksen, Täuschen (2010), Vergeigt (2012)

Cheong Lee: Xiong (2012)

Kai Sommer Trio: Smile (2012)

Janeen Leah: Some Rhyme, Some Reason (2013)

Russell Stedman: Rusted Man – Living Thing (2014) “The Moon

Reiner Ziegler: A Rose Is A Rose (2014) “JazzNuts

Jeremy Monteiro: Christmas In Our Hearts (2014), Gong Xi (2015), Brazilian Dreams (2016), Montage (2016), With A Little Help From My Friends (2017)

Melissa Tham: Falling In Love Again (2015), Remembering Teresa (2018)

Mark Chan: Blue Guitar (2016) “Send Me A Wind”

Roger Koh: Dance With My Father (2016)

Regi Leo: Black Beans (2016)

Jens Bunge’s harmonica also appears in the following movie soundtracks:

“Alles Nur Tarnung” (Germany, 1996)

“Haider” (India 2014, “Khul Kabhi Toh”)

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