Matthias Schubert,  *1960 in Kassel, Germany

This man is one of the leading German saxophone players. If you have ever seen him on stage you'll hardly forget his performance. His extremely powerful playing, the richness of ideas in his improvisations and his inspired compositions give him a prime position in German Jazz.

He got his first awards at the Jazz Festival "de Meervart" in Amsterdam 1980 and at the competition of the International Jazz Federation 1982. In 1993 he received a grant from the W. Zippel Foundation in Kassel. 1995 he received the renowned Jazzaward of the "Südwest Funk". 1996 he got an award at "Internationaler Musikwettbewerb für junge Kultur", Duesseldorf/Germany.

He played among others in the Euro Jazz Big Band, the Graham Collier Band, the Marty Cook Band, the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett, Basslab, the Jazzartrio, the Gunter Hampel and the Galaxy Dream Band, the Klaus Koenig Orchestra, in the Duo Di Sax and with the Jungle Pilots.

Current projects as Bandleader:

  • Matthias Schubert Quartet 
    (with Carl Ludwig Huebsch Tuba, Claudio Puntin clarinet and Tom Rainey drums)
  • Saxophone Duos
    with Frank Gratkowski und Renato Cordovanni
  • James Choice Orchestra
    (Orchestra lead by Norbert Stein, Carl Ludwig Huebsch, Frank Gratkowski und Matthias Schubert)


He has played and performed at Jazzvestivals in:

  • Bracknell und Candom (Great Britain)
  • Cork (Irlande)
  • Amsterdam und Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Marne le Valle, Paris, Les Mans and Tulon (France)
  • Antwerpen (Belgium)
  • Hollabrunn (Austria)
  • Zagreb, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia)
  • Warschau (Poland)
  • Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Bukarest (Romania)
  • Jaroslavel (Russia)
  • Porto (Portugal)
  • Izmir (Turkey)
  • Melbourne und Sydney (Australia)
  • Toronto und Montreal (Canada)
  • Pompei, Modena, Genova, Ravenna, Florenz, Pisa (Italy)
  • ...all renowned Jazzfestivals in Germany



1987 Jazzartrio From Time to Time Nicola Vernuccio bass; Stefano Bambini drums (Splash)
1989 Klaus König Pinguin Liquid Poco a Poco Big Band (ENJA)
1989 Klaus König Orchestra Times of Devastation Big Band (ENJA)
1991 Klaus König Orchestra Homage a Douglas Adams Big Band (ENJA)
1993 Klaus König Orchestra Song of Songs Big Band (ENJA)
1994 Klaus König Orchestra Time Fragments Big Band (ENJA)
1996 Klaus König Orchestra Reviews Big Band (ENJA)
1991 Basslab Aisha Achim Kaufmann piano; Manfred Bründel bass;Bill Elgart drums (Edition Frankfurt)
1991 Basslab Live feat. Barry Altschul Simon Nabatov piano;  Manfred Bründel bass;  Barry Altschult drums (West Wind)
1992 Gunter Hampel Dialog Gunter Hampel vibes (Birth)
1991 Jungle Pilots Near Miss Evert Brettschneider guitar;  Alois Kott bass;  Peter Eisold drums (ENEMY)
1994 Jungle Pilots Down under Evert Brettschneider guitar; Alois Kott bass; Peter Eisold drums (VeraBra)
1994 The Remedy 20 Improvised Songs Axel Dörnet trumpet;  Sebastian Gramss bass; Claus Wagner drums; Peter Kowald bass; Tom Cora cello (JazzHausMusik)
1998 Duo Total Meschuggene Nuß Holger Mantey piano (ITM)
1998 Loft im Exil Live in Moers Frank Gratkowski sax;  Ernst Reijseger cello; Dieter Manderscheid bass; Achim Krämer drums (2nd Floor )
1992 Matthias Schubert Quartet For Thieves and Lovers Simon Nabatov piano; Lindsey Horner bass; Tom Rainey drums (Network)
1995 Matthias Schubert Quartet Blue and Grey Suite Simon Nabatov piano; Lindsey Horner bass; Tom Rainey drums (ENJA)
2000 Matthias Schubert Quartet Momentum Simon Nabatov piano; Lindsey Horner bass; Tom Rainey  (Jazzline)
2000 Andreas Willers Octet The Ground Music Dominique Pifarely violin; Claudio Puntin clarinet; Arkady Shilkloper french horn; Jörg Huke trombone; Dieter Illg bass; Tom Rainey drums (ENJA)
2001 Carl Ludwig Hübsch  Longrun Developement of the Universe Carl Ludwig Hübsch;  Wolter Wierbos  (JHM)
2002 Duo Total  Surface Holger Mantey (Konnex)
2005 Carl Ludwig Hübsch is this our music Carl Ludwig Hübsch; Wolter Wierbos  (konnex)
2006 James Choice Orchestra Live at Moers (moers music)
2007 Matthias Schubert Quartet Trappola Claudio Puntin clarinet; Carl Ludwig Hübsch tuba; Tom Rainey drums (Red toucan)
2006 Scott Fields Ensemble Beckett   Scott Fields, John Hollenbeck, Scott Roller (clean feed)
2007-1983 Graham Collier Big Band Hoarded Dream`s (cuneiform)
2006 Scott Fields Ensemble We were the Phliks Scott Fields, Xu Fengxia, Thomas Lehn (RougeArt)
2008 Carl Ludwig Hübsch The universe is a disc Carl Ludwig Hübsch; Wolter Wierbos (ITM)
2008 James Choice Orchestra Live at musiktriennale köln (Leo Records)
2009 Scott Fields Ensemble Samuel Scott Fields, John Hollenbeck, Scott Roller (New World Records)
2010 Lapin / Poore / Schubert / Turner Seek it not with your eyes Helene Bledsoe, Alexey Lapin , Melvyn Poore, Roger Turner  (Red Toucan)
2010 Carl Ludwig Hübsch The creators bend a Master Plan Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Wolter Wierbors, Gerry Hemingway (Neos)
2010 Simon Nabatov Roundup Simon Nabatov, Nils Wogram, Ernst Reijseger, Tom Rainey (Leo Records)
2011 Fields / Schubert Duo Minaret Minuets Scott Fields (clean feed )


Matthias Schubert
Tel 0049-30-75442094
E-Mail: sax (at)



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