Falks Willis - Photography: Ssirus Pakzad

Falk Willis - Schlagzeug, drums


Performances of Falk Willis with

Dewey Redman, Bob Mintzer, Gary Thomas, Kenny Garrett, Charlie Mariano, Marc Johnson, Joey Calderazzo, George Garzone, Peter Herbolzheimer BigBand, Klaus Doldinger & Passport, Eddie Henderson, Bendik Hofseth, Albert Mangelsdorff, Joachim Kühn, NDR-BigBand, Peter O`Mara, Adrian Mears, Johannes Enders, Kevin Hays, Ben Monder, Mark Turner, Kurt Rosenwinkel Band, Lonnie Plaxico, Uri Caine, Jeff Andrews, Fred Hersch, Harvie Swartz, Ack van Rooyen, Seamus Blake & The Bloomdaddies, Larry Goldings, Jacky Terrasson, Vincent Herring, Nils Petter Molvaer, Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler.

Tours and concerts

USA, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Cameroun, Holland, Switzerland, etc.

Winner of the " European Jazz Competition 1993" = "European Young Artist 1993" and International Austrian Jazz Competition 1991

Major festivals include

North Sea Jazz Festival, Nice, Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto, Leverkusen, etc.

Guest lectures at Royal Conservatory Amsterdam,
Hilversum Conservatory, Bruckner Conservatory Linz /Austria;
clinics in Germany, Argentina, Portugal,

Falk is currently living in New York City and operating JazzHeaven.com, a website with instructional videos with many of the greatest jazz musicians like Lee Konitz, Jerry Bergonzi, Kenny Werner & Eric Harland.

Selected discography

Falk Willis / Ethan Iverson / Joh. Weidenmueller feat. Dewey Redman
Mons Records (1993),
"Village Voice", N.Y. "One of the best releases of the year"
4 1/2 * review in "Modern

Peter O`Mara feat. Bob Mintzer, Marc Johnson & Falk Willis "Symmetry"
Edition Collage (1995)

Johannes Enders / Tony Scherr / Falk Willis "Trio Impossible"
Jazz4Ever (1998)

Adrian Mears feat. Antonio Farao "All for one"
Enja Records (1999)

Scales Brothers "Our House"
Enja Records (1997)

John Stetch "Stetching Out"
Terra Nova Records

Nicolas Thys & Alice`s 5 Moons
"Crossover" (1997)

Scalesenders "This and more"
Edition Collage

Lee Konitz / Joh. Enders / Thomas Stabenow / Falk Willis
Bassic Sound (2000)

Not yet released

Falk Willis presents "A Fine
(feat. Johannes Enders,
Raoul Walton & Florian Truebsbach)

Munich Jazz Orchestra with Kenny Wheeler
Sound (2001)

f a l k w i l l i s @ g m a i l . c o m

[Photography: Ssirus Pakzad]

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