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Eloy Wigman


Elfferich Four is a new dutch jazzgroup with an original repertoire. All
compositions are written by Jeroen Elfferich, the drummer of the quartet.
Jeroen Elfferich has played all different styles of music : pop, jazz,
latin, classical and folkmusic, and this has helped him develop his own
style of fusion-music. After several years Jeroen finally formed a band
which can play his compositions. As a result of intensive rehearsals the
band has grown together and the songs have got their definite form. By now
'Elfferich Four' already has created an original new kind of jazz which
they call 'hardpopjazz'.

Their first album ELECTRICITY ( A records ARP 73046) got positive reviews all over the world ; Modern Drummer (USA), Rhythm (UK), Jazz Hot(France) etc.

In 1997 the second CD "CURIOSITY" (VIA jazz CD 992.019.2) was released and again the critics loved it
(see review JAZZNOW Dec./Jan. 97/98).
The band played several festivals like the Antibes Jazz Festival in Juan-les-Pins. Peter Erskine said about the CD: "the new recording sounds terrific".

The Band:

Rik Fennis-guitars
Eloy Wigman-saxophones
Bert van der Mullen-bass
Jeroen Elfferich-drums and compositions


Eloy Wigman sings his melodies on the saxophone in such a joyful, and
sometimes sad way that we memorize the tune almost instantly.

Rik Fennis uses his creativity, together with his jazz and rockbackground
to let us enjoy some great solos.

Bert van der Mullen is the steady and reliable bassplayer. He uses effects
on his bass to enrich the sound of the group and to strengthen the
character of the composition.

Jeroen Elfferich plays the drums not only to keep time but to be a musical
member of the quartet by using a lot of dynamics and improvisations.


Information, Booking, CDs and Demos:

E-mail: citi@worldonline.nl

special four

Soundclip: this is what I like (real audio 28.800 stereo)
VIA-Jazz 9920523, Single CD

Special Four - this is the original quartet with some special guests: Mijke Loeven, voc / Sam Breeveld, voc / Stanislav Mitrovic, bcl / Afra Mussawisade, perc

The music: Jazz Hip-Hop &  HARDPOPJAZZ, very relaxed, very cool & very groovy - Hear the clip!! That's what I call hit-quality...

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